“Zoë Nutt has a voice as haunting and seemingly ancient as the East Tennessee hills she hails from. Her lyricism and delivery are poignant, fresh and promising. Like so many great artists, she knows how to mix the new with the old and create music with broad appeal while never compromising her artistic integrity.”

CRUZ CONTRERAS of The Black Lillies

Zoë combines a beautiful balance of more traditional sounds with a modern folk twist. You must hear her sounds to truly understand the beauty of her voice.”

TRAVIS WYRICK, producer (Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels)



“But those shows. They may have been my favorite two back-to-back performances of the weekend. Zoë Nutt is a singer-songwriter with local roots whose voice is as infectious as her cute stage presence. I kept humming her songs after I left and she represents the first purchase I made. Her 2016 album, “Like You,” is a wondrous experience of fine songwriting and intimate vocals.” 

-Inside of Knoxville

“From the silky smooth performance of Birds of Chicago to a standing room only Lonesome Dove Courtyard performance from Zoë Nutt to a merry band of punk-rockin’ Gypsies, day two did not disappoint.”

-105.3 WFIV

“Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think of how many amazing musicians there are in the world that we haven’t yet heard, but that makes it all the more special when we stumble upon one who is truly worthy. Enter folk artist Zoë Nutt.”

-Hello Giggles

“The spartan beauty of the second song, “Cry On You”, solidifies the album’s dominant theme. Zoë Nutt is concerned with matters of the heart…her work recalls a Leonard Cohen at his stripped-down best.”

– Vents Magazine

“Few artists, in any genre, can be so fortunate as to have a first release that aims so high and hits its mark every time…a rich compendium of country, pop, and folk influences filtered through the consciousness of a writer who likely would excel turning a pen towards anything.”

– Skope Magazine

“Nutt isn’t content confining herself to a single musical pose and, instead, regales her audience with a fleet-footed stylistic dexterity few of her peers can match.”

-Gashouse Radio

“Once again, Nutt’s very deliberate vocal style never clashes with her effortless ability to convey sensitivity in every line. Like You, as a whole, is more than just one of the year’s best full length debuts. Instead, it heralds the arrival of a major new voice who will only follow an upward trajectory from here.”

-Vents Magazine