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Zoë Nutt & The Union

Zoë Nutt & The Union is a Nashville based Americana/Folk band currently recording their second album. Zoë's first album, "Like You", addresses her progressive hearing loss, her second album is slated to release this Spring. The group has played festivals that include Rhythm N' Blooms Festival (TN), Riverbend Festival (TN), Red Ants Pants Festival (MT), as well as having played her songs with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. 

The Union (from left to right): John McNally, John Ogelby, Will Honaker, Luke Enyeart.

Zoë Nutt

Zoë Nutt is a storyteller. She likes to tell stories with music and poignant and meaningful lyrics, but it’s perhaps her vocal interpretation of those words that brings her musical tales to life. Simply put, Zoë Nutt is a voice you will not soon forget.

Raised in Knoxville, and a songwriting graduate of Belmont University's Curb College in Nashville, Tennessee, Zoë has a way of quieting a room and hushing those voices in our heads that make it hard to sit and listen, so that all you want to do is hear the next thing she is going to sing.

Cruz Contreras of The Black Lillies says, “Zoë Nutt has a voice as haunting and seemingly ancient as the East Tennessee hills she hails from. Her lyricism and delivery are poignant, fresh and promising. Like so many great artists, she knows how to mix the new with the old and create music with broad appeal while never compromising her artistic integrity.”

Zoë is an artist to her core. With a guitar by her side, her music is a reflection of who she is and how she observes the world. “I write music to connect with people who feel the same way,” she says. “My style is eclectic and reflects my interest in all types of music. My songs are about life, living and feelings, good and bad, that we all experience. If my music makes you smile, or even cry, that’s how we know we are not alone.”Also a Zoë fan, is Grammy nominated, award-winning producer Travis Wyrick (Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels) who says, “Zoë combines a beautiful balance of more traditional sounds with a modern folk twist. You must hear her sounds to truly understand the beauty of her voice.”

Her first full album LIKE YOU, released in the Spring of 2016, Zoë is happy with where she is and reflects on the emotion that went into making her first project. “I wanted to make an album that would grab the listener from the beginning so we decided to start with my song, ‘Nothing I Can Do.” I wanted it to be first because the song starts out acappella and really grabs you from the start. It’s one of two co-written songs on the album. I wrote this one with Cory Bishop (The New Schematics). The lyrics can be interpreted as joyful or as regretful, but ultimately the listener gets to decide whether it’s a happy or sad love song.

Other songs on the album include the dreamy ‘Antique Soda Pop Love,’ a song that conjures up feelings of “an effervescent love that I think we’re all searching for,” Zoë says in reflections.

Zoë writes of her struggles with hearing loss, something she has dealt with her entire life. “Like You,” is a melting of the heart, truthful song written in the form of a letter addressed to Zoë’s unborn children. “It’s a way of coping and coming to terms with my hearing loss. The tinnitus and ringing that I always hear, is played in the song,” she says.

Her cover of Justin Townes Earle’s “Look The Other Way,” was a challenge to take a song typically thought of in the country/Americana realm and rework it in a different direction than the original. “I originally had no plans of recording this song, it was thrown together at the end of a recording session, but it’s one of my favorites on the album.”

The album is full of songs that get right to the core of being human and all of the emotions that go with that journey. In the end, “Sweet Tennessee,” tells the story of Zoë, her family life on the Tennessee River, and spending time on the water. “It’s a big part of my home town culture. It’s a simple feel good story about a place that’s influenced me greatly.”